We collaborate with carefully selected strategic partners. These collaborations provide us with access to corresponding technologies and know-how and ideally complement VIO Chemicals’ own capabilities. Our customers benefit from a broad product and services offering while relying on established quality standards.

Manufacturing partnerships

We complement our production offering by utilizing assets from strategic manufacturing partners. These are small to medium size producers with high flexibility, good technical competence and a proven track record of reliability. Facilities are GMP accredited and/or FDA inspected. We decide case-by-case on the optimal producer of a given product, based on required technologies, capabilities and reaction licenses (certain reactions need difficult to obtain permissions from the Chinese government).

Close and long-standing relationships with factories who produce on behalf of VIO Chemicals permit us to take part in their production and quality management processes. This control provides additional assurances that products, originating from our own or a network factory, will meet customers’ expectations. All sites producing on behalf of VIO Chemicals are regularly monitored by our GMP/EHS auditor.

Read more about the manufacturing assets of our partners here.

Regulatory / audit partner

In partnership with Explicat Pharma GmbH we provide pharmaceutical development, formulation development, qualified person (QP) services, process analytical technology (PAT), audits expert reports, validation and qualification services, QA reviews, risk analysis, consulting and advisory services for GMP. 

Read more about our services here.

Research & development partner

SpiroChem AG is a fine chemicals company active in the field of high-value-added building blocks for the pharmaceutical, agrochemicals and material sciences industries. SpiroChem designs, synthesizes and commercializes a large range of small molecule fragments used in drug discovery to improve the properties of drug candidates. SpiroChem also offers custom synthesis services to help clients accelerate their R&D programs and develop better and safer medicines. SpiroChem is a Swiss company with headquarters and research facilities in Zurich, Switzerland.