As part of our business process we have an EHS system in place that complies with the prevailing Chinese laws and regulations. Where we consider these insufficient, we apply standards based on our experience in an international setting.

Identification and assessment of EHS risks is a prerequisite. Regular internal audits are taking place and subsequently appropriate measures are taken to manage, minimize or eliminate risks.

All employees assume responsibility for EHS in line with their function and qualification. EHS training and know-how transfer equip all employees with the required knowledge and competence. An emergency management team regularly monitors EHS standards compliance and conducts employee training and exercises throughout the company.

Employees, authorities and customers are informed regularly of our EHS performance and objectives. All of our suppliers, contractors and service providers are audited for EHS performance.

We strive for continuous improvement of our EHS performance by developing new processes to minimize the environmental impact and waste generation and to ensure the safe and responsible disposal of residual waste.

On site (VIO Organic Chemicals)

  • Tank farm
  • Solvent recycling
  • Waste water treatment (physical and chemical treatment, biological pre-treatment)
  • Electricity (incl. back-up generator)
  • Water purification system

Integrated in industrial park

  • Waste water treatment (final biological treatment)
  • Steam supply
  • Electricity

Community government

  • Water supply


  • Waste disposal (based on incineration)