VIO Chemicals custom manufacturing

VIO Organic Chemicals Ltd. (VOC) - or Yancheng Haohua Organic Chemicals Co. Ltd. -  is a joint venture company between VIO Chemicals AG (majority shareholder) and Yangcheng Xinliji Pharm Chem Co Ltd. located in Binhai, Jiangsu province, in a coastal chemical zone north of Shanghai.

VOC is built on a 27000m2 plot of land and consists of 3 production units. Currently over 100m3 primary reactor volume is in operation.

VOC manufactures intermediates under exclusivity, as well as intermediates for the open market, (e.g. CMDM for Omeprazole: 2-Chloromethyl-3,5-dimethyl-4-methoxy pyridine hydrochloride). Our production assets combined with a network of manufacturing partners give access to a broad range of technologies and production capabilities at any scale (lab, kilo, pilot and commercial).

Own manufacturing assets

  • Certified GMP facilities including clean room for the production of intermediates
  • Multipurpose and single product plants with medium to high throughput, low level of automation and high flexibility, equipped with glass lined and stainless steel reactors from 500l to 5,000l
  • Solvent recovery towers are available

Manufacturing assets of our partners

  • Thin film distillation
  • High pressure reaction
  • Low temperature reaction to -78°C
  • High temperature reaction to 300°C
  • High vacuum distillation